The only group in the United States which is large and with the values of our founding fathers is the Christian community.  Unfortunately, in the last election cycle only about 25% of them voted!  Attached is a link to a two part video produced by the 1836 PAC which features Russell Ramsland and Rafael Cruz explaining, from both an historical and scriptural perspective, why Christians must be involved in the political process.

If you feel that this country is on the wrong course and would like to take action to return it to the values that we used to know, please show these videos to your entire congregation.  Each segment is 30 minutes long so you can present them to your church family in one hour.  Some pastors are gathering their entire congregations for one showing and some are showing them in Sunday school classes.  Please don’t leave out your high school and college age members.

It is important that these be shown before the November 4 elections and before future elections to reinforce the importance of being involved.  It is critical that we take our country back from those who do not appreciate or desire a better USA.

You can stream the presentation directly from this YouTube link or you can purchase a CD on the 1836 PAC website for $12 including shipping.

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David Carruth                     Russell Ramsland                        Rafael Cruz

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