Dallas Liberty Center


The Dallas Liberty Center is a brand new phone bank, meeting place, and staging area for grassroots conservative candidates and causes that are financially supported by the 1836 PAC. 

Fundraising and volunteers are two of the most important elements to insure candidate success in political campaigns. Funds received from generous donors are used to support conservative candidates that share the same ideals for local and state political campaigns. Without the generous funding to support the Dallas Liberty Center, success at the polls is most certainly marginalized.

The Dallas Liberty Center is staffed with volunteers and paid assistants to insure conservative candidate success. The 1836 PAC believes in order for political candidates to be victorious in any campaign, the candidate must be properly funded and equipped with the right communication tools to successfully get the message to the electorate. 

The 1836 PAC also holds events for candidates which include meet and greets, coffees, luncheons and fundraisers. Media support can also be included within the scope of campaign strategies. The 1836 PAC literally can fill the gaps in strategic campaign planning and other needed functions to assist supported candidates.

The Center is packed with innovative tools to assist Conservative Candidates in their political campaigns. 

The Center is fully capable of organizing campaign materials in every precinct, to hold volunteer rallies for candidates and to energize a force of volunteers. There are a number of ways a person can get involved. Donations can be in money, in time as a volunteer or in calling your friends, relatives and neighbors to donate to conservative politics. Supporting the 1836 PAC ensures that your donations, time and energy is focused on local and state conservative political campaigns.






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